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We want to help create a beautiful, vibrant space for you... a place for you to "Get into The Garden".

Jean's Garden

Location: Gregory Lane, Ft. Thomas

Client: Jean Jones

Jean Jones of Fort Thomas is a long time customer and friend of The Good Earth. Jean has long understood the pleasures of gardening and had a beautiful garden, but she had a problem…her massive deck separated her from the garden. “I was tired of looking out and seeing nothing but deck. I hated the deck, I couldn’t see the yard because of the railing.” Jean asked Gary over to discuss the possibilities of making her living space right in the middle of the garden.


Not so bad, Right?
Before: Not so bad, Right?

Now this is a vibrant space.
After: Now this is a vibrant space.

A water feature adds life
A water feature adds life

Upon completion:

“Early in the morning I’m drinking my coffee watching the birds taking a bath in the shallow part of the pond. Right now I have sparrows, but I think others will come.”

“I picked up 2 mosquitoe fish 2 gold fish and some water plants at Jones fish hatchery. I didn’t feel connected to the garden, now I can enjoy the backyard and the fish.”

“Everybody loves the rolling path. They say, ‘I want to walk down there.’ “ I put a huge pot of impatiens at the entryway. I’m going to get new patio furniture.”

“I love the steps…how they curve around.”

“I just really, really, really… (Jean is lost in thought for a moment.) It’s the first thing I look at in the morning and the last thing I look at before I go to bed. My bedroom window overlooks it!”

“You know the commercial where the couple is on vacation and one says to the other ‘You’re at home.’? That’s how I feel!”

The carpenter said, ‘Gee, Jean, you should charge admission!’.

“Water is a big part of man’s life. Sitting and listening to my waterfall is so relaxing. I am totally satisfied.”

Friends and neighbors dropping by to take a look at the fish pond have commented that Jean will never have to take a vacation. That’s exactly what we like to hear. You have to get into the garden to reap its rewards. Jean is there! --tge

The big playpen
Before: The big playpen

Living in the garden
After: Living in the garden

Jean is on the same wavelength of thinking as The Good Earth. When Gary proposed a water fall flowing through different elevations of living space, using pavers and masonry steps; practically eliminating the deck, she was excited. “Sometimes it was as if Gary was reading my mind, kind of spooky.” With a little clarification of a few hard to visualize ideas, she said yes, even though it meant we were going to turn her back yard upside down… Rock her world. We had her trust, which is a big part of committing to a project that would change the look as significantly as this one did.

Here’s a flow of Jean’s thoughts about the project:

During construction: “My neighbor would come over and we’d sit and watch the guys work. It was interesting to watch something ugly turn into something beautiful. Not that the garden was ugly…I didn’t like the deck. Another shift of neighbors would come over around 5:30, after the crew had vacated, and we’d sit and look at the work in progress. The birds were taking dust baths when the ground was dug up. The guys were so super… very hard workers. It was a very satisfying experience.”

ed. note Jean was great to work for, even when progress slowed because of torrential down pours and humid upper 90 degree temperature.

“When the guys left after the last day on the job, I told them I was going to miss them.”

Step out the door... You're in the garden
Step out the door... You're in the garden

A  new home for an old favorite
A new home for an old favorite

A tranquil gathering spot
A tranquil gathering spot

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"You know the commercial where the couple is on vacation and one says to the other 'You're at home.'? That's how I feel!"


"Just being in a vibrant space that's full of life is energizing and invigorating. It allows us touch nature on a very personal level."


"Water is a big part of man's life."