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A Trellis serves as beautiful and functional privacy barrier.
Special Features

Ok, so we've hardscaped and planted the garden, where do we go from here? Water Features, Stone, Sculptures, and Lighting are some of the special features that personalize your Garden.

Water Features

Waterfall / Stream / Pond
Where water collects, life collects. If you'd enjoy a spot to observe wildlife, a water feature can take observing the natural world to a new level of enjoyment.

On the inside looking out.

Fish, Frogs, Birds, Turtles..."all God's chillen likes clean water."
The sight and sound of running water is one of life's greatest pleasures.
Your choices: Channel storm water on your property to create a water feature or put in a self contained recirculating system. Both are great fun.


Stone is just so cool! In our opinion, you just can't have a great garden without stone.
Stone is old; its mineral; its massive... all are good things. Stone is a retaining wall, it's a step, it's a chair, table, hose guide.

This Garden Rocks!

Water brings life to the garden.

Stone is another Texture, Color, Elevation. It grows moss and lichens. It's a place for critters to sun. It's a place to display your favorite souvenirs from your journeys into the wild.

Landscape Lighting

Lighting increases our chances to get into the garden. From inside your home or out, thoughtful lighting can create drama, mood, color... so many good things.

Enjoying the garden after sunset

Salvaged objects can provide form and privacy.
Sculptural Elements

Sculpture becomes more alive in a natural environment. It adds drama and visual interest. Art expresses who we think we are and how we fit into the natural world. Thatís good stuff.

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Special Features
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