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People places are comfortable and usable, and in harmony with nature.

These are the hard surfaces... the constructed elements that define the people places of the Garden.


Gardens are for people, but hardscape must fit into the Garden. A great garden has a balance between people places and plant places.

Cozy, Comfy, Convenient.

The Front Door. Your first chance to get into the garden. 

We want to keep the beauty and wonder of nature close at hand, to be enjoyed often and easily. At The Good Earth we make the people places comfortable, but keep the pavement to a minimum.


Hardscape defines the perspective from which the Garden is viewed. Where do we sit? What is the most efficient and enjoyable way to move through this Place? Hardscape describes the ebb and flow of people through the Garden.

Go with the flow.

Erlanger Municipal Building
Retaining Wall

We are experts at brick paving, retaining walls, and storm water management. We have mastered working all of these elements into the garden.


To be a 'Real Place' life has to happen. Do you live in a real place or a No place?

If you have to have a deck... make it a part of the garden.

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