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Rocket Stove Operation
When firing up the rocket stove you first want to scoop out excess soot from the feed slot.
It then helps to charge the system with a butane torch to create an initial draw, though this is only necessary when the stove has not been used for sometime, if it is still warm from a previous fire the stove will draw on its own.
You only need a hand full of small twigs or split kindling for your initial fire.
To make things easy this kindling can be set on fire with a butane torch.
Once the kindling has burned to a bed of coals you can then start adding larger fuel to the feed slot and it burns down into the bed of coals. The draw of the combustion chamber keeps smoke from rising out of the feed slot.
While burning the rocket-stove’s combustion chamber heats up to between 1000 to 1200 degrees Fahrenheit.
The steel barrel radiator gets up to 575 degrees Fahrenheit and can easily boil water.
The actual cob couch heats up to cozy 150 degrees Fahrenheit.
With this rocket stove you burn about two cords of wood per year. You can burn a fire for four hours a night, burning approximately a 12” X 18” stack of wood and have heat radiating for over 30 hours. This reduces heating bills in winter to a fraction of what they cost with contemporary furnace systems.

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